Keto For Weight Loss
Guide To Getting Started!

Included Inside:

  • What Is The Ketogenic Diet & How Does It Work
  • The Keto Food List
  • The Non-Keto Food List
  • Macro Breakdown To Get Into Ketosis
  • Determining Proper Portion Sizes & Amount To Eat
  • Testing for Ketones
  • FREE access to learn my 3 Step Formula to Lose 20+lbs in the Next 60 days!
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Who am I..?
Kyle Reidhead
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Health & Weight Loss Coach
Founder of GetKetoHelp Academy
Host of Health Simple Radio Podcast

I’m a science nerd with a passion to help others get healthy and achieve long-lasting weight loss.

I’m frustrated with the crap health information that is widely available on the internet and confusing most people.
Ultimately, I’m on a mission to help 1 Million People overcome the health risks associated with being overweight and obese.. A world-wide epidemic!
..I can’t reach my goal unless you reach your weight loss goal. So you know you’ve got my support 100%!
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– Kyle Reidhead